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Gary Ashcraft

Gary Ashcraft, Your Personal Mortgage Loan Consultant

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Hi. I'm Gary, and I'm here to help.

Buying a home is one of the greatest financial decisions one will make in their lifetime. I’ve spent my career in the healthcare industry for over 25 years advising clients on the best solution for their health care needs and now I am focused on helping clients find the right home loan for their financial situation. From application to close, I will guide you through the entire loan process and work hard to help you achieve your goals of homeownership. I pride myself on giving excellent customer service and making myself available as much as possible to speak with clients and answer any questions.

Born in Arizona and raised in West Virginia, I currently reside in Florida with my 12 year old daughter, who is the absolute light of my life! I am excited to work with you in helping you reach your dreams!

Homespire Mortgage

Mid Florida Investors Group

Occasional rental unit 

Mortgage foreclosure help by negotiating with banks and lenders or purchasing properties in any condition for rehab and resale.

$75 dollars per hour
Do you need some help completing a divorce packet? Do you need a living will, a health care surrogate or a last will and testament? I can help you with those things and much more!

$10 dollars per signature and trip charge based upon location for mobile service.

Message or call to ask about fees for mobile notary service. Price is based upon miles from where notary is at the time.

Notaries in the state of Florida are allowed by Florida law to perform and certify weddings. Can be done at our location or a location or your choosing. Please call for pricing details.

$30 per service plus trip charge

We’ve partnered with Credit Advisor to help you repair your credit and get you approved for a home loan. Get your free credit consultation with a credit report summary & score here.

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Creekside Village

Creekside Village is set within the well-known Bryce Resort community, where amenities range from an 18-hole golf course to downhill ski slopes. In summer, visitors enjoy tennis, miniature golf, swimming, paddleboating, fishing, and …

Cozy Apartment Near Downtown Eustis

Great In-law suite close to downtown Eustis, FL in a great well maintained older house built in 1926. 1 bedroom and 1 bath with all the amenities. Has full kitchen, washer and dryer, sitting area, pull out sofa bed, pool and private patio. Unit will sleep four very well…

Frequently Asked Questions

While a higher credit score gives you a better chance to qualify for a home, there are plenty of programs that work with not so perfect credit. Some might require a higher down payment and have reserve requirements but usually, there is a program that will fit anyone’s particular financial situation.

Your credit score, or FICO score, is affected by so many different factors. The biggest things that negatively affect your score are late payments, collections, foreclosures, bankruptcy and having high credit balances in regards to your credit limit. The best way to keep your score up is to make sure your credit card use is lower than 30 percent of each credit limit and to make timely payments and not let any account go into collections. Unfortunately, I have seen collections for as little as $50 and the amount isn’t really a factor, a collection is a collection and it’s a shame to take such a hit to your score for just 50 dollars.

Well this couldn’t be further from the truth.  While having a larger down payment has its advantages there is plenty of programs that let you put down a little as 3.5 percent, 3 percent or in the case of a USDA or VA loan, those programs allow you to put no money down to qualify.  Just keep in mind there are always closing costs with any loan program so you will need to have a little money saved up for closing costs but there are always ways the lender or seller can help.

Stable employment is a big concern while qualifying for a loan. Any lender will want to make sure you are gainfully employed and financially stable to ensure that you will be able to earn money to repay the loan. A good rule is 2 years but if you just graduated from college or a trade school, there are exceptions to the 2-year requirement. Also, you can change jobs during the 2-year requirement as long as it’s in the same trade profession and the new employment will be stable.

While renting has its advantages for some people, paying rent to someone else benefits the landlord, not you. With owning your home you have a property that is 100 percent yours. Also, you get many tax advantages from owning your own home as well as an asset the will appreciate over time and you will build equity to help your financial future not that of your landlord’s. I know with renting you are usually not required to do maintenance and help with the upkeep of a home like you would with being a homeowner, but the positive benefits of being a homeowner will always outweigh the benefits of renting.

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